Dipping My Toe Into ESO

Please pardon the rhyme in the title of this blog post, it was too tempting to not include it – Ok, so earlier today while going through my usual trawl of the different MMORPG forums and subreddits I read in my spare time, I found several posts on a recent sale on ESO Morrowind, link below, where the expansion had been reduced down to ¬£6.07 (a steal, I know). This was particularly attractive to me as it has been something I’d be thinking on buying for a while now and at this price, I was slapping in my card details straight away.


But Elder Scrolls Online is one of those games that I’ve had an on-off, love-hate relationship with since beta and its launch, and for some reason, no mater how hard I try, I just can’t seem to get into it. Having never purchased any of the DLC’s for ESO though, Im hoping that Morrowind will keep me compelled enough to give it another shot and get me hooked. I’ve only ever managed to get to around level 18 on a character as I find the combat and landscapes uninspiring (the zones all feel the same for me). But with the introduction of the Warden class, I want to give it another shot as the class was initially what perked my interest when the expansion first launched but I couldn’t warrant the price tag for a game that I wasn’t playing that much at the time. I’m also a huge fan of a pet class with my main in WoW being a hunter, so again the class which features a bear pet as part of it’s mechanics, is highly appealing to me.

Another issue I’ve had with returning to ESO in the past is that I’m always confused on what I should be doing quest-wise as I’ve forgotten my progress, my inventory is a mess and filled with mats for crafting and my talents have been reset, but starting a new fresh character will mean I’ll have none of these problems! So since this opportunity to give the game another try looks to good to pass up, it seems I’ll be dipping my toe into ESO again (great tie-in of the blog title there if I do say so myself).

I’ve already decided on my character – an Aldmeri Dominion, High Elf, Warden (I love playing elves on MMORPGs, it’s something to do with their often pompous/secretive society and usually kickass military prowess) and in a bid to keep me more involved in the game I might do weekly blog posts on my process with some cool screenshots, a sort of gaming diary. Disclaimer though, given my past attention-span to stick to such things, we’ll see how long this lasts. The intention is there currently though and I’m excited to get back into the game. Hopefully I’ll see you soon with my first ESO diary update!

– J


June 2018 Gaming Goals

Hello all, I’ve seen a few of these posts now and thought I’d start giving them ago myself, just so I can keep a monthly track on my goals in the main games I play and see if I’m making any progress – I say that like theres hundreds of games I’m playing but alas it seems lately that I just limit myself to World of Warcraft and sometimes I’ll dip my toe into a couple of other MMORPG’s as well.

World of Warcraft

Towards the end of May I let my sub run out for WoW so I plan on picking it back up this weekend to clear up some Legion content and level some Alts before the BFA pre-patch hits in July sometime. To make this easier to read I’ll split this section up into the goals I have for each of the different characters I’m playing currently.

Goblin Hunter Lvl 100 (My Main):

  • Finally get exalted on the remaining main Legion faction I have left to do – Court of Farondis. I’m currently sitting towards the end of the Revered bar so this shouldn’t take long for me to achieve at all, especially since I know I have a completed follower mission waiting with the Court of Farondis rep as a reward.
  • Complete a couple of paragon levels with the Legion reputations that reward mounts. Being an avid mount collector in WoW I really want to get the Mounts that are gated behind the Paragon levels, especially the Wild Dreamrunner. Again I know that I’m close to completion on a paragon level with both the Highmountain and the Nightfallen.
  • Have over 100,000 gold. I know this isn’t much to most WoW players but I’ve never been good with saving gold on WoW and now I’m sitting around the 90,000 mark and I want to get into triple figures!

Nightborne Warlock Lvl 73:

  • Finish both the Hellfire Peninsula and Dragonblight zones. When levelling my Allied Race characters I like to take them through the zones that I feel would be most appropriate for their race/story, and being a completionist I have to explore and finish all the quests in the zones I level through. But with the new zone scaling system in Legion I didn’t realise how long 60 to 80 takes and Dragonblight became a drag so I switched to Hellfire Peninsula – meaning both in turn need completing now.
  • Level to 80. As I’ve said the level 60-80 level bracket seems to take forever so I need to just grit my teeth and get through it as then I’ll be able to play the Cataclysm and Mists of Pandaria zones which for me are infinitely more enjoyable and easier to level in.
  • Get exalted with Silvermoon. This one is more because with Bloodelves being one of the main reasons why the Nightborne join the Horde, lore wise they should have a good reputation with the city. Plus when it comes to my Garrison in Draenor, I want to deck it out with blood elves everywhere, and being exalted with Silvermoon and having the Barracks will allow me to do that.

Lightforged Paladin Lvl 45:

  • Start and finish both the Felwood (where I’m levelling currently), Swamp of Sorrows and Blasted Lands zones.
  • Level to 60 so I can begin completing all of the zones in Outlands.
  • Get exalted with the Exodar. This is for the same reason as my Nightborne and Silvermoon – Character story and I want to deck out my Garrison in Draenor with Draenei everywhere!


After watching Solo : A Star Wars Story, I recently got back into SWTOR. One thing I particularly enjoy about SWTOR is the costume and stronghold customisability so my main goals for June are to finally settle on a cool looking outfit for my main, a Sith Sorcerer, to finish decorating my stronghold and to save over 20m credits – this should be relatively easy to do as I’m currently sitting on 13m and have a lot of Cartel Market LootBox items on the auction house.

Well there we are, all of my gaming goals for June. Fingers crossed I’ll be able to make some head way on my characters on WoW as I want to be as ready as I possibly can for BFA so I don’t have to keep going back to finish Legion content. Thanks for reading.

– J

WoW Allied Race Ideas

Hello all,

I’ve been playing a lot of World of Warcraft lately and with the coming of the new expansion ‘Battle for Azeroth’, one feature being introduced has been a hot topic for discussion online – Allied Races. If you’ve been living under a rock, allied races are essentially new playable races that you have to recruit to the Horde or Alliance through a quest line and reputation grind. Then once an allied race is created they start at level 20 in their own unique starting area/hub and when they reach level 110, they receive their own unique transmorgable heritage armour. I for one love this new allied race system as it allows for some unique playable races to be added to the game which we’ve been interacting with for a while. Where this system excels for me though is through the added lore it brings to the game, allowing pervious topics to be fleshed out further and groups and their cultures to become more established, such as the four allied races already live – Highmountain Tauren, Nightborne Elves, Void Elves and Lightforged Draenei. The fact you have to earn them as well also makes playing one of them seem even more prestigious.

As it seems thus far with allied races, one of the original races is responsible for their recruitment and the allied race itself shares the skeleton of one of the original races, allowing the different factions access to models they normally do not. So in this post I’m going put forward my ideas for some other allied races that I’d like to join the Horde and Alliance, updating the post over time, and go into the detail of the lore reasoning for why they join, who is the lore figure to recruit them, and how they could be implemented model-wise (Disclaimer, there will be lore spoilers ahead so read at your own risk)! So without further a-due here are my (not so original) allied race ideas.


San’layn – Recruited by Nathanos for the Forsaken


Lore – Always seeking to grow the Horde’s power, Slyvanas had already let a small group of ‘free’ San’layn lead by Blood Prince Devan join the Horde, but this is not enough and now she is seeking a way to grow their numbers.

Recruitment – Time and time again the San’layn have fell at the hands of the Alliance, in Northrend, at the Icecrown Citadel, in the Violet Hold and now in Vol’dun. So seeking to grow their numbers Slyvanas has tasked Nathanos with hunting for an artifact to resurrect Blood-Princess Thal’ena, the daughter of Blood-Queen Lana’thel, so she can spread their bloodline. The recruitment quest line takes the hero and Nathanos to Blood-Thane Lucard’s tomb in Stormheim where they are hunting for the artifact that first turned him into a Vampyr. After killing several of the frenzied pirates still in the area they find the blood orb – a device of old god origin that is responsible for the original curse. The hero and Nathanos then must sneak into Acherus to steal the body of the Blood-Princess which the Knights of the Ebon Blade have managed to acquire and plan on returning to the Lich King. Now with the body and orb in hand, Nathanos and the Hero require a large amount of sacrifices to enact the ritual and return the Blood-Princess to life, with the island prison Tol Dagor in Tiragarde Sound holding a captive audience – the perfect place for the ritual to take place.

After storming the prison and using the ritual to resurrect Blood-Princess Thal’ena, the orb is destroyed in the process resulting in all the sacrificed prisoners to become Vampyrs as well. Blood-Princess Thel’ena sires these new Vampyrs to herself and pledges herself to the horde under the banner of the San’layn vowing to bring havoc the Alliance that has caused so much destruction to her family in the past, starting with Kul Tiras and using the ruins of Tol Dagor as the base of her operations.

Implementation – The allied race San’layn would use the human model but with pale skin, blood red eyes, fangs, slightly pointed ears and new varying hairstyles, and would start in the ruins of Tol Dagor, which would be their racial hub. Their racial mount would be a bat and their heritage armour mirroring that of Blood-Princess Thel’ena’s. Finally classes they could play include – Warrior, Hunter, Priest, Warlock, Rogue and Mage.

Stonemaul Ogres – Recruited by Rexxar for the Horde


Lore РTharg, current chieftain of the Stonemaul Ogres, has petitioned to the Horde for help, they have learnt that the woman of the tribe are being held captive under the ruins of Stonemaul Village by the remaining black dragons in Dustwallow Marsh. After more brute force in the Horde, Slyvanas has tasked Rexxar with reuniting the remaining pockets of Stonemaul Ogres in Feralas and Dustwallow Marsh, to reclaim their ancestral home of Stonemaul Village and liberate the tribes women to not only strengthen the Hordes position in the marshes, but strengthen the Stonemaul Ogres as a race.

Implementation – The allied race Stonemaul ogres would use an altered Kul Tiran human model, allowing for female ogres and would start in the underground caves of Stonemaul, beneath Stonemaul Village, which would be their racial hub. Their racial mount would be a boar and their heritage armour mirroring that of Rexxar’s. Finally classes they could play include – Warrior, Hunter, Mage, Warlock, Monk, Shaman.

Hozen – Recruited by Ji for the Huojin Pandaren

Vulpera – Recruited by Trade Prince Gallywix for the Bilgewater Cartel Goblins



Botani – Recruited by the Night Elves

Lore – Devastated by the destruction of Teldrassil, Tyrande is looking for new power and allies to help strengthen the Night Elves in the war against the Horde. Having subjects who have survived the wilds of Draenor and the Botani’s savagery, Tyrande is well versed with the raw power of the Primal’s and the link that could be made between them and the Emerald Dream. But as the path to Draenor is sealed shut the only link left to the Botani and the hope to grow her own as allies of the Alliance, is the heart of the Genesaur Yalnu, killed above Stormwind.

Implementation – The allied race Botani would use an altered Night Elf model, and would start in the Twilight Grove in Duskwood, which would be their racial hub. Their racial mount would be Ancient and their heritage armour carrying on the nature themed aesthetic. Finally classes they could play include – Druid, Warrior, Shaman, Rogue, Monk, Hunter, Mage, Priest.

Redeemed Forsaken – Recruited by the Worgen

Junker Gnomes – Recruited by the Gnomes

Jinyu – Recruited by the Tushui Pandaren


MMORPG Burnout

People who know me might not realise that I’m actually a huge computer game player, particularly MMORPG’s and have literally played nearly every different one under the sun. Ok that might be an exaggeration, but I have played a lot of different ones and genres. One problem that I seem to encounter with every one I play though is burnout, that feeling where you just can’t be bothered to log in anymore and sadly a game you found addictively enjoyable just doesn’t interest you. My problem is that when playing an MMORPG, I want to invest all my time in it and have it as my sort of ‘home game’ – a game that I constantly play, always enjoy and to some minor level invest in it like you would a job or career. Now people might think this too much but if I’m investing my time into something, even has a hobby, I want it to be worthwhile.

Just to put into perspective of how many different MMORPG’s i’ve played and got burnt out on, here is a list:

  • World of Warcraft
  • Final Fantasy XIV
  • Rift
  • Everquest 2
  • Aion
  • Allods Online
  • Warhammer Online
  • Star Wars The Old Republic
  • The Secret World
  • Wildstar
  • Star Trek Online
  • Champions Online
  • Neverwinter
  • Guild Wars
  • Guild Wars 2
  • The Elder Scrolls Online
  • City of Heroes
  • Runescape

World of Warcraft has always been my main MMORPG though and having played it on and off since vanilla I think it’ll always be one of those ones that even after I’m burnout, I’ll always pick it back up again at a later stage. With the launch of BFA on the horizon and the release of the first four Allied Races, it’s given me plenty to do on the game and I seem to be deep into one of those periods where I’m thoroughly enjoying it and play regularly. Other than this I’m really excited for the early access launch of Bless Online so once that’s out I’ll definitely be jumping into that and seeing if it lives up to the hype and hopefully if so, it might become like WoW as one of the main MMORPG’s I play.



– J